MPSC Civil Engineering Interview Questions 2021-Part 2

Interview Time :-30-35min

Which Mask you wear (I respond As Per Ayog Instruction!!) What is Difference Between N95 Mask and Your Mask….

  1. Started From my schooling-Rayat Shikshan Santha;
  2. Foundation Year
  3. Founder name his Wife
  4. Reasons latest China Recent Crises
  5. Farm Bill & it’s Names.
  6. Artificial Intelligence.
  7. &it’s Use in Irrigation Dept.
  8. Evaporation Losses can prevent from AI(Artificial Intelligence)
  9. How you Design Earthquake Foundation Structure.
  10. Biggest Earthquake and It’s How much intensity.
  11. Bench markings Line in Various Projects?
  12. GTS Bench Mark
  13. Flood Routing
  14. How to Prevents Flood
  15. Definition of Dam
  16. Barrage and Dam
  17. What is Barrage
  18. Where is Farrakka Barrage Project
  19. What is Farrakka Barrage Project
  20. Purpose of Farrakka Barrage Project
  21. What is Refuse Structure?
  22. In High Rise Building Safety Measures For Emergency Situations?!!!

(Time:30 mins)

  1. Savitribai Phule all information ( padvi, first school ,year)
  2. Rayat shikshan Sanstha ( foundation year, name , wife name)
  3. Hobbies detail questions
  4. Gabian wall
  5. Skirting kay aste?..sill level..lintel level kuthe astat?
  6. M30
  7. Dam in your area
  8. Environmental wild life act
  9. Retaining wall type
  10. Why cement content is fixed for specific condition
  11. Rajyaghatana kon sadasya kiti schedule
  12. Gavachi pani vatap sanstha name
  13. Wc la dado la konti tile provide krto
  14. Nashik madhe most of konti soil ahe
  15. Why it’s called black cotton soil
  16. _ 20 degree la rcc kru shkto ka
  17. Static dyanamic head
  18. Year madhe kiti weeks
  19. What W30 denote on cement bag

Jastit jast prasha athwanyacha pratna krun he prashna me dilele ahet. tri yancha pudhil candidates la fayda hoil. Thank You.

Panel (Mumbai)

As the interview location was in Mumbai i was aware of the local issues in Mumbai. (You should be prepared with at least three locations: Your native place, Current Place, and Interview location. This helped me a lot. Questions asked to me are provided below.

  1. Coastal road project
  3. Cross section of bridge
  4. Gauge length
  5. Continuous two span beam reinforcement detail
  6. Stirrup why we bend 45degree
  7. Current issue Maharashtra plus other state
  8. CRZ Regulation
  9. Metro work which one is economical elevated or underground
  10. Metro route
  11. CRZ 50m criteria what’s your opinion on this

These are some of the questions i remembered. All the BEST all of you.

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