MPSC Civil Engineering Interview Questions 2021-Part 1

Panel: (Date : 4 0ct 2021, Time 12-12.30pm)

(Honourable sir didn’t ask me to introduce myself) He started with ”Atta paryant konkontya exams dilyat?”

  • What is civil engineering?
  • What is TMC? How many liters in 1 m3?
  • What is cement density??
  • How much kg of cement is in 1 cubic meter?
  • Concrete is what: compound or mixture?
  • Components of well type foundation?
  • What is your hobby?
  • I said cycling and reading Constitution.
  • then asked by honorable Dighavkar sir..
  • What articles are related to environment in Constitution?
  • Formation of mpsc/upsc is under which article?
  • What is article 311?
  • What is river meandring?
  • Where is silt erosion and silt deposition occurs?
  • How river meandering affects?

MPSC panel is very cooperative with the students. As I was little scared while answering them, one of sir said you can have water with a smile on his face. That made me more comfortable with them.

Panel : (Date 5 Oct 2021)

  • First I asked ”May I come in sir?” Sir replied with smile and said ”Come and sit comfortably” I said politely ”Thank you sir” and i sat with a little smile i said ”Good morning all of you”. They replied with a smile only.
  • Now with my introduction main part of the interview started-(There were few questions on technical knowledge first, as i mentioned below)
  • Opc and ppc difference?
  • What was your BE project?
  • Do you know the concept Hyperloop?
  • Tell us your Favorite subject?
  • Civil engineering definition
  • What is your hobby and why?
  • College info such as fees structure for my 4 years and what if you failed during engg? who pays your fees after you failed in a year?
  • Tumhala ka select Karav?
  • Prestressed concrete mahiti ahe ka?
    Type and uses kay ahet ya prestressed concrete che?

MPSC panel is cooperative. do not compare them with the mock interviews you gave in any academy. All the best.

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