MPSC Civil Engineering Interview Questions 2021 Part 3

TIP: The questions provided below are as it is given by interviewers themselves. This will give required direction to study/practice for the Interview.

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1. Location: Aurangabad. Date: 8th November 2021

hello. I have given questions asked during my interview. I would say student should thoroughly prepared about DAF. Through preparation of DAF, General knowledge and Common sense is all required. Thank you and all the best.

  1. SPPU che nav change ka kele?
  2. Savitri baini phili shala kuthe chalu keli?
  3. Burj khalifa che foundation kontya type ch ahe?
  4. Sea link sathi steel kuthl vprnr?
  5. Galvanisation mnje ky? te ka krtat?
  6. Rusting chi reaction sanga?
  7. World madhla saglyat motha sealink kuthe ahe?
  8. World madhil 2 number chya sea link ch construction chalu ahe to kontya deshat ahe?
  9. Paper vachta ka? konta?
  10. Paper che sampadak kon?
  11. Hobby ky ahe tumchi?
  12. Hobby vrti question v4le.
  13. Soil type?
  14. Environmental Act sanga?
  15. Vadil kay krtat?
  1. Irrigation sir-
  2. Distinction mahnje kay?
  3. Earthen dam che section draw krun component baddl mahiti v4li?
  1. PWD sir-
  1. Carbonation mahnnje ky?
  2. Sulphur attack ky ahe? tyachi chemistry sanga?
  3. Rusting chi reaction sanga?

HOPE this questions will help other students. Thank you and all the best.

2. Location: Aurangabad. Date: 8th November 2021

Following questions were asked to me during MES interview. Hope this will help you. ALL THE BEST!!

  1. Demonetization mule corruption reduce zale ka ?
  2. Hobbies? Questions related to that
  3. Which sports do you play ?
  4. (Squash- size and Weight of ball)
  5. Number of Highways in Maharashtra and their names ?
  6. Which is largest and biggest district of Maharashtra?
  7. How to maintain quality of work ?
  8. Kuthale structure pahun tuhmi inspire zale? ani ka ?
  9. Social media cha use kasa hoto ?
  10. General knowledge kuthun gain karta ?
  1. PWD CE
  2. How you decide Single lane ,2 lane highway ?
  3. Expected traffic measure kashi kartat ?
  4. O&D study? How to perform?
  5. Guwahati / Assam madhil important structures?
  6. Why road quality is not good in our society?
  7. How to maintain good quality of roads?
  8. AASHTO method of pavement design?

Subject expert( senior retired professor)

  1. Bitumen types?
  2. Bituminous mix types?
  3. Hot mix plant ?
  4. % of Bitumen in DBM
  5. Mastic asphalt and bituminous grade used ?
  6. MTECH project title and explanation?
  7. VG30 meaning
  8. Penetration grade of Bitumen

That is all I can remember. This will help you. All the best!

3. Location: Aurangabad. Date: 8th November 2021

  1. Define Civil Engineering
  2. Importance of hydrostatic pressure in Lift irrigation scheme
  3. Tallest dam according to height and Storage capacity
  4. longest sea bridge
  5. Arch bridge and cable bridge difference exactly and it’s span, it’s site ,foundations requirements
  6. Types of dam Foundation
  7. Meaning of word ‘Taliban’
  8. What to do to make other games famous like cricket
  9. Highest wicket taker in ODI, T20, test
  10. Difference between Catchment area, submergence area, Command area according to size
  11. Proportion/Percentage criteria of Submergence area to Command area
  12. What is Yield
  13. Types of flow measuring devices
  14. Types of flow
  15. Flood routing methods,
  16. Muskingum Method- prism, wedge, Coefficient of its equation
  17. Mass flow curve. overall Interview was good. Panel members are cooperative. ALL THE BEST.

Some nontechnical Questions

  1. Earth che layers & what substances are found in each layer
  2. Tokyo Olympics medals (not just India but other countries as well)
  3. RBI governor kon?
  4. (Deva baddal charcha zali n devache questions vicharle) like Saraswati Mata & Parvati Mata hyancha kay relation, Vishnu barobar hyancha kay relation?

4. Location:(n). Date: 22nd October 2021

  1. 10,12 and degree details…
  2. Question regarding district and taluka related questions
  3. what are you doing after graduation? In sequence….
  4. question related to job?


  1. What is min width of footpath on bridge?
  2. Minimum clear width of two lane bridge
  3. What is afflux?
  4. Retaining walls and why weep holes are provided? If weep holes are not provided then how retaining wall can remain stable?


  1. What is KT wier?
  2. Why gates of KT wier are not closed during monsoon? And when those gates are fixed?
  3. When Rabi season started?

(all questions are linked to one another…they ask conditional questions…All the best)

5. Location:(n). Date: (n)

  1. 10th 12th marks why changed to CBSC after 10th in state board
  2. What work your father does?
  3. What are you doing since 2018?
  4. Then lots of questions related to job profile.
  5. About breakwater Tetrapods etc
  6. What is lake tapping
  7. Is it done in any dam in Maharashtra
  8. When it is done
  9. Questions about earthen dam cross section
  10. Why riprap provided on u/s side and not d/s
  11. Types of spillways
  12. Where shaft spillway or morning glory spillway is provided and why

6. Location: Aurangabad. Date: 10th November 2021

Interview city: Aurangabad
Panel member names: sir
Interview date: 10/11/2021

Panel Member

  1. 10th 12 th आणि Degree clg चे नाव विचारले.
  2. आयोगाच्या मुख्य सदस्य सोबत 10th, 12th & Engineering वरच खूप वेळ (साधारण 5-6 min)
  3. थोडस family बद्दल विचारले
  4. तुझ्या district मध्ये आम्ही 3जण पहिल्यांदा आलेलो तुझ्याकडे…..तर तू आम्हाला काय काय खास दाखवशील तुझ्या जिल्ह्याबद्दल….???


  1. तुम्ही mains ला score केलेले subjects सांगा..
  2. Pumps चे type…..न त्याची definition
  3. Tensile strength of mild steel draw करायला सांगून तो explain करायला लावला
  4. What is modulus of elasticity..?

Irrigation Sir

  1. What is contour canal?
  2. अजून एक कोणता type आहे canal चे
  3. What is lift irrigation?

एकूण 15 to 20 minutes मुलाखत चालली. पुढील विद्यार्थ्यांना Irrigation, Hydraulic Machines, Highway या मुलाखती साठीच्या मुख्य विषयावर focus करायला मी सांगेल. All the Best..

7. Location: Aurangabad. Date: 10th November 2021

Sir Panel
(15 min)

Panel Sir

  1. MPSC che किती attempts दिलेत?
  2. बर, तर मोकळ्या वेळेत काय करायचास?
  3. Last Movie कुठली बघितलीस?
  4. Hobbies?
  5. Which Social Media do you use?
  6. How do you update urself?
  7. Todays News?
  8. 600 m in 5 min what is speed?
  9. What is Special about November month

Expert Faculty

  1. For 200 Ha, in 2 days, which survey will you choose?
  2. Drone चा use काय in Survey?
  3. Drone चा use करून आपण RL काढू शकतो का?
  4. Rutting Failure cause


  1. Difference between Hot Mix and Cold Mix.
  2. WBM che Specifications?
  3. How to maintain them?
  4. What is Contract?
  5. Types of Estimate
  6. Cost Estimate नंतर काय procedure असते?

Overall interview was good. Hope this will help you. Thank you.

8. Location: Aurangabad. Date: 11th November 2021

Panel sir

  1. Lockdown नंतरची पहिली शाळा कधी उघडली आणि कोठे?
  2. Environment act?
  3. Difference between setu and pool
  4. Which advance concrete technology used in Samruddhi maharg
  5. Swimming करताना कोणते तीन physics चे principles act होतात?
  6. चाफेकर बंधू कोण होते?
  7. Who got gold medal in swimming in tokyo
  8. Singing मधे भारतरत्न कुणाला मिळालाय?
  9. घटनेच preamble कुणी लिहील?
  10. भारतीय घटना भारताला कुणी समर्पित केली?

WRD member

  1. What is advantage and disadvantage of vertical drop spillway and ogee spillway
  2. What cavitation effect on vertical drop spillway

PWD member

  1. What is minimum air circulation for this room
  2. Ventilation in percentage
  3. Types of staircase as per material and their flexibility

9. Location: Aurangabad. Date: 11th November 2021

Irrigation Sir

  1. What is compensated raft
  2. What is friction pile
  3. What is stucco plaster
  4. Curve number बद्दल विचारल
  5. Remote locations Madhe type of rain gauge
  6. Rankine passive earth pressure theory ch min depth of foundation formula Madhe Kay significance (या प्रश्नाचे उत्तर देता आले नाही)


  1. Draw c/s of flexible NH
  2. What is WMM (by looking at diagram I drawn)
  3. Have you heard about CTB semi layer  (Question hard होता कारण मी highway project वर काम केलं आहे असा सांगितले होते)
  4. EPC contract चे pros and cons सांगा.
  5. What is flex fuel engine
  6. Why pwd first

Panel Sir

  1. १०, १२ वी टक्के
  2. Engineering कुठुन केली
  3. घरी राहूनच केली का मग डिग्री (दहे सर् हसले)
  4. Engineering la evdhe टक्के कशे काय generally 70-75 range चेच पाहिलेत मी आता पर्यंत interview Madhye?
  5. Rotodynamic pump che types सांग
  6. 6 सिग्मा काय ते सांगा
  7. फर्स्ट attempt hota ka २०१९ passout दिसत आहे..Okay you can leave.

Thank you guys for reading this post. This will really help you. KEEP READING.

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